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>> good morning, everyone. veteran's day monday. good to have you with us. >> time now is 6:00. developing news this morning, huge clouds of smoke covered parts of three counties, made the air dangerous to breathe. firefighters had been on the scene of a plant fire for more than 16 hours. the fire triggered air quality advisories for people in san ma day owe, santa clara, alameda counties. their shelter in place alert is still in effect right now. we are live on the scene with kpix 5 mark kelly. mark. >> reporter: michelle, the fire is under control, according to authorities. this was certainly a big one. it shut down sea port boulevard several hours. the two alarm fire, as you said, broke out at metal management, a recycling center near the port of redwood city. here's what the peninsula looked like sunday night. thick smoke and the smell of burning metal, burning plastic filled the air. the smoke got as far as the south bay, which prompted authorities to put out those alerts. if you see or smell the smoke, it's best to just stay inside. the warning went out to parts of sa
resort one morning and on the beach at malibu days later. sources tell us it's google's multi-million dollar response to apple's highly successful apple store concept but with an invitation-only requirement. there is only one problem: the company was informed by the u.s. coast guard last summer that the structure, which is meant to contain three floors of dazzling showrooms and an upper party deck complete with lanais and bars, that it is in essence a floating vessel and subject to all applicable federal maritime regulations. construction appears stalled at present while google struggles to work within the coast guard's strict safety requirements. in the meantime, it sits moored in san francisco bay amid tight security. ken bastida, kpix 5. >> kpix 5's allen martin has been pursuing the mystery behind the barge for days now and the no comments have been piling up. as he reports for google, the mystery may be the mastery. >>> reporter: with every knock on the door -- >> i don't know anything about it. i honestly don't. >> reporter: -- every phone call and email, the no commen
in the u.s. a lot of people are sending aid back to their home country. church members are praying for the victims in the philippines. a big effort to gather items they need. donations are piling up in san bruno. >> got my son here with me today, trying to teach him the importance -- definitely they need help. >> the local chapter of the national alliance fill pee know concerns is collecting money to help with efforts. for a link go to kpix.com. >>> here this morning, police are called in to break up a possible side show. dozens of cars followed by this police car there at about 10 last night. up to a hundred cars may have been involved in suspicious activity before officers came rushing in. some drivers sent away while others left on their own to avoid police. >>> today is veteran's day. could be the end for parade, one of the oldest, one of the largest in the country. the united veteran's council says it's losing funding needed to keep the parade up and going. campaign to raise money is underway. opening ceremonies begin at 11 this morning at the plaza cesar chavez. the parade st
with the community center in san francisco tell us they tend to take a pro-active stance when it cops to providing resources for those in need. -- when it comes to providing resources for those in need. >> every year the philippines is hit and the government is not doing a lot of things so we're always trying to send money and relief efforts all the time. >> some of those efforts include medical supplies, clothing and food. but they say the biggest push is for monetary donations. >>> 4:32. catwalks and fish fans are coming together as the google barge at treasure island is taking shape. kpix 5's christin ayers has a look at the plans for the finished product. >>> reporter: public records from the port of san francisco show these artistic renderings of the barge and describe it as an unprecedented artistic structure that will drive visitation to the waterfront. the floating 50-foot-tall behemoth made of recycled shipping containers will sport a dozen decorative sails designed to look like fish fins. there will be catwalks and a fourth floor deck will offer unique views of the san francisco skyline.
will use this neighborhood of immigrants as a back drop for his renewed push on immigration reform. josh wolf says the chinatown location is perfect. >> our country is really built on immigrants and everyone's story is an immigrant story. >> it's a quick visit but some political pundants saying sending one clear message. the two term president is losing political capital. take the price to wine and dine with the president at the jazz enter. as we get closer to the event organizers slashed the ticket price from $1000 to just $500. >> he's been here nine times, people are tired of writing those checks to obama even in the democratic bay. >> scott kraner will not be watching the presidents speech. he's not impressed the presidents choosing to talk immigration while obamacare in many states still finds itself on life support. >> this is one of the problems i have with politics. it's kind of a bait and switch a lot of the times. like oh, this is going bad so let's look here at this other thing that may be a problem. >> again the president will be here for a very quick trip. he's expected to j
. police are asking anyone who saw anything to please come forward. >>> u.s. supreme court is taking up another issue regarding the healthcare reform plan. this time, it's whether employers should have to pay for the cost of contraception. dozens of companies are now suing the government. some say they should not be forced to pay for birth prevention because it goes against religious beliefs. >> it's troubling to think that someone could pick and choose, not based on science, not based on healthcare or anything else, but pick and choose which, uhm, services to provide to employees. >> we're not putting barricades in front of walmarts. we're saying, we simply don't want to pay for them. >> if the high court agrees with the administration, businesses could face fines. >>> a real dogfight. coming up, a little park that's creating a headache in oakland. >> hundreds of bay area teachers behaving badly. why some parents say it's okay. >> and what we'll see this thanksgiving that we will never see again in our lifetime. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, smells out of their homes. a southern california judge
we can have some shelter. >> reporter: u.s. marines have landed with much needed supplies. the united states will send more help to ramp up relief and rescue operations by air because many roads and bridges were destroyed. >> 15 to 25-foot waves came across entire villages and so everything is wiped out. >> reporter: filipino americans from new york to here in california are answering the call for help, collecting everything from money to food to medical supplies. >> water purification tablets is one of the biggest ones because all the sources of water have been contaminated. >> reporter: getting those supplies to those in need will be difficult. many remote, low lying coastal regions are too hard to reach. the united nations has pledged $25 million for aid and relief in the philippines. live in the studio, cate cauguiran kpix 5. >>> and here's the satellite view of the typhoon as it approached the philippines, you can see the historic storm covering the islands. in comparison, if a storm that size had hit the west coast, this is what you would get. a storm stretching from seattle to
to come up with their own solution by today's vote. service worker president roxanne sanchez told us by phone the board has three viable options. vote the contract up as it is, vote the contract down or wait. anything else will add confusion. the unions do say at this point, talk of a strike is premature. let's hope that talk never ends up maturing. back to you. >> i should say. let's hope so. and anne, how much would it cost to leave the disputed provision in the contract? >> reporter: now, the cost depends on who you talk to. bart originally quoted a figure of up to $44 million over the course of the contract which is four years. but that quote was based on one- third of employees taking that entire six weeks, which does of course seem unlikely. >> anne makovec live in oakland, thank you. >>> vallejo police are looking for a group of men in a rash of robberies. a total of eight in less than four hours. the first was reported yesterday about 5:30 p.m. and the last 59:15. one family had just finished shopping when they were robbed and a deliveryman was held up outside a costco. victi
't -- there weren't very many of us but we just put a statement -- put our foot down. refused. >> reporter: denise as far as what you expect from today, and the deals you want to get, what do you expect? >> well, i'm hoping there is still stuff we're looking for available but, you know, the way it looked like there were crowds today, i'm just not sure if we're going to get anything but it is still fun. it is a thing we do together. >> reporter: keep that tradition going. you have the pamphlet already of the door busters? anything you really want? >> there is nothing real major so -- you know my kids are all growing so, you know, all the toys that you get the really good deals on i don't need so much anymore. >> reporter: there is good news for you. this is one of the selected target stores that is offering 40% off all merchandise throughout the day. right now actually they have some folks that are restocking their shelves. they expect more of a crush later this afternoon. that is it from here in fremont. we will send it over to the best buy in dublin where mark kelly joins us. >> reporter: good mo
approaching loveridge, use the on-ramp to get back on the freeway. this is your latest "kcbs traffic." >>> a woman has life- threatening injuries after she was shot outside an apartment complex at 11:00 last night in hayward. it was on sleepy hollow avenue near west tennyson road. she is in the hospital and in surgery. >>> two trick or treaters were taken to the hospital after a pickup truck hit them in the north bay. the 12- and 13-year-olds were struck at about 7:00 last night at cloverdale boulevard and healdsburg avenue in sonoma county. one boy was flown to the hospital with two broken legs. the other suffered shoulder and head trauma. police say the 75-year-old driver was not injured and is cooperating with investigators. >>> 5:02. new details about the threat that forced a flight from sfo to san antonio to make an emergency landing. passengers taken off the united express flight after it landed in phoenix. officials say a threatening note was found on the plane. there were 46 people on the plane that was taken to a remote area of the airport. >> we got out quickly. they said w
and care and support that people have shown us. >> a community march happening this morning to show support for the teenaged boy who was lit on fire earlier this month apparently because he was wearing a skirt. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." >> how about that! captions by: caption colorado comments@captioncolorado.com >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. >>> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, november 14. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. i'm live at the phone bank where we're raising money and awareness to help the victim of typhoon haiyan in the philippines. we need to get the phones up and running. and a good sign is we hear a lot of chatter behind me. so that is good. the phone lines are ringing. volunteers are here. so anyone out there watching who wants to donate, please pick up the phone. give whatever you can. the number 11-888-5-helps you. we have people standing by ready to take your donation. money we raise helps with relief efforts in the stricken island nation. the number is 888-5-
. >> the u.s. does not have diplomatic relations with north korea. so newman's family has been working with state department officials and the swedish embassy in an effort to get him released. meanwhile, the u.s. issued a warning against travel to north korea citing the risk of arbitrary arrests of u.s. citizens. >>> a korean-american kenneth bae was detained in north korea last year accused of illegal missionary work. he was sentenced in april to 15 years of hard labor. bae is the longest serving u.s. detainee in north korea since the war ended in 1953. >>> 4:34 now. a transgender remembrance ceremony at oakland's frank ogawa plaza paid tribute to a person hailed as a good samaritan. dan gale was on that ac transit bus this months when someone set a person's skirt on fire. gale rushed to help 18-year-old luke fleischman using his sweatshirt to smother the flames. >> i'm not a hero. i'm not a hero. i don't think so. no. just somebody needed help and i just did what i could do. just glad it worked out that i could be there for him. >> police are still searching for a second person who h
anyone to see the woman die and it was marine instincts that kicked in to use his body as a human shield to break her fall. his wife laura thinks she's a hero. a scaried confused young lady lived. >> he could have died. i told him i'm going to slap. you could have died. >> andria borba, kpix 5. >> among the people who visit him yesterday was will hee brown. the -- willie brown. the woman remains in the hospital. >>> president obama down in southern california today wrapping up his three day west coast tour. his schedule stops today include dreamworks animation in glendale and a fundraiser at the home of mar that kaufman the creator of "friends." this follows a stop right here in san francisco that was not completely friendly. >> what i'd like to do -- [ people chanting ] how about -- these guys don't need to go. >> an immigration activist heckled the president during a speech yesterday. 22-year-old juthhong is an undocumented immigrant from san francisco. he told kpix 5's joel vasquez why he confronted president obama. >> we'll venten our families. -- strengthen our families and most imp
francisco international airport may be a thing of the past. the airport is using a protocol that will keep more flights coming in even when the skies are gray. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." >> touchdown, chicago! ! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. >>> and good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, november 5, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. >>> we begin there morning with developing news right now on the east coast. a major shopping mall in new jersey is shut down today after a shooting sent shoppers scrambling for cover. nobody was injured last night when a gunman opened fire at the mall in paramus, new jersey. early this morning police found the suspect in a back area of the mall dead from a self- inflicted gunshot wound. cbs news' jericka duncan joins us live from paramus. she has been there all morning and has more on the investigation. >> reporter: the county prosecutor here describes the shooter as someone that is depressed and despondent. he says that that wa
: the storms left some neighborhoods unrecognizable. this used to be an automotive shop. here's part of a seatbelt we found that came from a nearby car or one of the store shelves. now much of what is left is a pile of rubble that stretches a block. firefighters in washington, illinois search through rubble looking for survivors of a massive tornado that leveled the town. spray-paint signifies a car or home has been searched or clear. this was just one of an estimated 80 twisters reported in the midwest sunday. most of them were in illinois. michael perdun saw a twister headed for his home. >> grabbed my daughter and ran. everybody is safe. the rest of it's replaceable. >> reporter: hundreds of houses here in washington were destroyed. officials instituted dusk-to- dawn curfew because of gas leaks and downed power lines. the same tornado that hit washington also struck the town of pekin, 18 miles away. jeff lehman says he barely escaped. >> my son said there it is. in a matter of seconds, we turned around and it was right on top of us. we hustled in the house and before we knew it,
. >>> developing news. u.s. marine general said he saw bodies everywhere as he flew over the area where super typhoon hit. sue man mcguinness said it will be hard to get aid to those most in need. >> reporter: typhoon came ashore this morning as a category one storm, weaker than the potential record-breaking typhoon that crashed into the philippines friday. tens of thousands feared dead, but getting an accurate count hard, the communications systems down in many areas. jim ed is a photographer from florida who was in one of the hard-hit areas. >> it was complete chaos, a mass of people trying to get out of there for security reasons, because there's no food, no water. >> reporter: president obama said his thoughts, prayers go out to the people affected by the storm. he ordered the pentagon to deploy marines to assist in recovery efforts. the first wave of aid already arrived. >> food, water is already a basic. >> reporter: luis is a red cross relief worker headed to the philippines. >> home country. i've seen the last of -- it's emotional, but it's a part of the job. >> reporter: the deva
no major problems. they say police used excessive force when arresting dj williams for riding his bike on a sidewalk there. video shows him and other men on the ground. one, orlando rodriguez, admits he got too close to the action. >> it was unnecessary. it was over the top. and definitely something needs to be done about it. that was a first for me and it was over the top. >> police say officers used reasonable force with people who tried to intervene when williams presissed arrest. >>> new details this morning. the mystery man who reported seeing a person in a locked stairwell at sf general has come forward. a hospital spokesman confirmed he is an employee there and last month he reported seeing 57-year-old patient lynne spalding in the stairwell. spalding disappeared from a room september 21. her body was discovered almost three weeks later. >>> right now, about 21,000 workers are about to stage a one-day strike against five medical centers operated by the university of california. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec joins us now live from uc-san francisco, one of the facilities they are t
: they are the last words on a haze heard from her brother paulo netto over the phone before he mystery us willly dips appeared one week ago. >> been to hospitals. been to shelters. >> reporter: but still no sign of paulo an art student studying in los angeles. he came to san francisco october 25th to look into studying at academy of art university. he was only supposed to stay for a couple of days. but after meeting someone new, he extended his stay. when he called his family in brazil one week ago, anna knew something was terribly wrong. >> he sounded terrified, afraid, frightening. >> reporter: anna called san francisco police from brazil but when they arrived at the scene, no one was there. now police are circulating this. a surveillance shot of a person of interest who used paulo's credit card at a mcdonald's in the mission on halloween. nan wants to find that person and plans to stay in san francisco until she has some answers. >> something happened. we are sure about it. but we feel that we are going to find him. >> reporter: in san francisco, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> san francisco police say
into custody at oakland high school. police used surveillance images from the bus and talked to witnesses to catch the suspect. our brian webb tried to get an answer from the teenager. >> reporter: can you tell us why you did it, sir, tell us? why would you do something like that? >> the suspect did not have anything to say. fleischman is listed in stable condition. >>> some other bay area news now. questions are being raised about a potential witness being sought in the case of a patient that was found dead in a stairwell at san francisco hospital. an attorney for five members of the sheriff's department says he wonders if that man even exists. the possible witness reportedly told a worker at san francisco general hospital that he saw a person lying in the stairwell and that was days before the body was discovered. >>> pg&e is facing yet another fine. the cpuc has cited the utility with an $8.1 million penalty. pg&e is accused of hiring an outside contractor that did not conduct proper pipeline testing. that contractor was fired and the new tests were done. pg&e has 10 days now to either
: the bart board director told us buried in the contract, hundreds of pages long, is a provision that gives workers six weeks of paid family leave. bart management says that provision should not have been in the contract. >> we don't know how it got in there and we are trying to figure that out and work with the unions to resolve this isolated element of the contract. >> reporter: but the unions already ratified the contract and in a statement, atu said bart management is attempting to go back on agreements that were part of the final deal. this is unconscionable. >> reporter: is there any possibility that worst-case scenario we could be looking at another bart strike? >> uhm, i -- i -- i don't think that has much potential, but, of course, anything is possible. >> reporter: next step is to figure out how much this mistake will cost them meaning how much it will be to give each employee six weeks of paid family leave. live in daly city, back to you. >> we just heard that bart officials say he doesn't think there will be a bart strike but if there is one, don't you think the ridership would
negotiations. u.s. and iranian representatives will meet tomorrow to continue talks regarding limits to iran's nuclear program. >>> time now is 5:09. stop building. why the former mayor of a quaint wine country town wants a cap on new development. plus -- [ chanting ] >> he did what? toronto mayor rob ford sparks more controversy with bizarre behavior at a council meeting last night. >> and could brittany murphy have been murdered? what a new toxicology report reveals about the actress' death. >> and finally the rain is back. showers showing up in the north bay. but plenty more to come. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and this may be a great morning to give mass transit a try. so far bart has 37 trains on time. ace train 1 also got a great start. all right. we want to know, we still want to know, what drives you crazy during your commute? ask a question or share a gripe with us by e-mailing crazy@kpix.com. or look us up on twitter at #wengerelizabeth and watch here to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, people across america are experiencing t
possibly falling from the roof of a high school gym. it's kpix5 shows us this may have something to do with an extreme sport. >> santa rosa investigators examine what looks like blood on the wall of the montgomery high gym where an unconscious teen was found. a doctor came across the boy saturday afternoon, administered first aid and called 911. the 17 year old was flown by helicopter to oakland children's hospital and remains in a medically induced coma. now investigators are trying to determine if the boy may have fallen from the roof or was the victim of an assault. another theory is he may have been involved in a high disc game. >> through the investigation detectives discovered he had engaged in the extreme sport of park core in the past and actually had been here on the same campus with some other young friends of his where one of the young men had fell and broken his leg. >> as seen in this video, park core practitioners use their bodies and things around them to propel themselves over obsticles but because of where the teen was found police are not ruling out an assault. they s
at the oak street exit and kpix 5's kiet do is on the scene. he joins us now with the very latest. kiet. >> reporter: good morning, frank. let's take a look at the scene out here. the traffic that you see heading towards us in our direction, that is 880 southbound just south of oak street. they have the far right lane open. it looks like the street sweepers are just finishing up the last bit of work here as they clear out some of the debris from the accident that happened today. now, just before 1:00 this morning, a bmw was heading northbound just south of oak street in excess of 100 miles when it hit a semi truck sending it dhaka careening into the air and hit a honda on the other side of the freeway. there was a male driver in each vehicle, both killed. the cars were totaled. it took chp and the crews sometime to cut out the bodies. the coroner removed the remains and the street sweepers are just getting ready to open up here. we have heard reports of sometime between 4:30 and 5:00 so it looks like they are still finishing it up. but we'll keep an eye on this. looks like they ar
she will come home. >>> 14-year-old in juvenile hall accused of using a pellet gun to steal money from an 1 1- year-old in oakland. the victim was first told to give up his cell phone but instead the 14-year-old robber settled for 5 bucks. the two boys didn't know each other. the investigators say the suspect called police saturday to turn himself in. >>> it's a device called a kill switch and it's considered by many as a way to curb cell phone robberies but as kpix 5 reporter christin ayers reports, big phone companies don't support it. >>> reporter: it can happen anywhere anytime, walking on a city street or even buying tickets for public transportation. thieves will do almost anything to get their hands on smartphones. >> here in san francisco, it's very significant. it's almost 50% of all our robberies an thefts. >> reporter: san francisco district attorney george gascon along with new york's attorney general say the solution is a kill switch, which would disable a stolen phone making it worthless to thieves. but law enforcement sources tell cbs news when manufacturers like samsung
quickly. they said we have a bomb threat and we got off quickly. >> the fbi told us to be a quarter mile away. >> the bomb squad checked the plane, the passengers and bags were rescreened and the flight went on to texas. >>> a santa rosa teenager shot to death by a sheriff's deputy, the family is filing a lawsuit. the lawyer representing the family of andy lopez says the suit will be filed in san francisco today. lopez was killed 10 days ago as he walked in southwest santa rosa. he was carrying a plastic pellet gun that closely resembled an ak-47. >>> the parents of a stillborn baby suing a daly city hospital now for losing the child's body. julio and rina arriaza say seton medical center lost the remains back in october of last year. worker at a santa cruz laundry facility found the baby's body on a conveyor belt heading towards an industrial size the washing machine. >> we can't comment beyond acknowledging the fact that this is pending litigation. but our hearts certainly go out to this family and everyone here is praying for their comfort and consolation. >> the laundry facility wash
no contact with the 85-year-old from palo alto. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us from the newsroom with more on this developing story. cate. >> reporter: frank, experts say north korea hasn't acknowledged it's holding him and the state department isn't confirming he is the american detained. 85-year-old korean war veteran merrill newman was on his way back home to palo alto but he was detained off his flight. >> i feel like it's a bad movie or something. i still can't believe and we've known quite a while that it's real. i just feel he's the easiest man to talk to and the nicest and i can't believe this could happen. >> reporter: neighbors and friends know him to be adventurous. they can't make sense of his detainment. >> an old retired guy, i mean, what's the threat exactly? >> reporter: a north korean expert from stanford is also looking for answers. >> this is unfortunately a kind of barbaric behavior on the part of the north koreans. you have to wonder why this happened. >> reporter: newman's son told anderson cooper the day before his flight his father met with north korean of
at sunday's raiders' game. using his body as a human shield he broke the fall of a lady after she jumped and fell nearly 50 feet. >>> even though you're going from say florida to california and the weather's fine in both places, you may be suffering big time delays. >> it's one of biggest travel weeks of the year but getting o your destination may not be easy. where weather is causing some pretty major problems on the roads and in the skies from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >>> good morning everyone, it is tuesday, november 26th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:01. let's get a check on the traffic with liz. >> okay. thanks guys and we have a new issue it sounds like over at the bay bridge. just past the metering lights there's an accident. it sounds like a smaller fender- bender at this point but they may have actually just activated the metering lights and seeing that filling in in the middle lanes, i'll check here in just a minute. in the meantime we were doing so well and it was almost holiday l
immigration status. i told him please, use your executive authority to halt deportation for all undocumented immigrant family members across the country. you have the power to -- stop -- >> actually i don't. >> you've heard from some people, what have people said? >> it was very overwhelming positive response. at the same time, some people think that i shouldn't have done it. because it was very rude. and embarrassing. >> so some people said hey that was rude. >> some people said that was rude but i don't think it was rude at all. i think i speak out the truth. >> you interrupted the president. there are people who might say wait a minute, that's not the right place to do that. not the right way. you're interrupting the president and during one of his speeches. >> i mean i don't see it that way because i mean i think -- president obama and congress have always ignored our stories. and i felt like that was the only avenue for me to speak out the truth. >> joe vasquez, kpix 5. >> the latest cbs news poll shows president obama's approval rating plunged to 37%. the lowest since he took office. >
to you. >> thank you. >>> kpix 5's kiko guerin joins us with the detailsen the suspect in the los angeles airport shooting. >> reporter: michelle, as soon as the incident happened at lax we know that officials at sfo put their own security plan in place. as you mentioned, security here is on heightened alert. a law enforcement official tells the "associated press" shooting suspect paul ciancia is heavily sedated as armed guards keep watch over hip. police charged the 23-year-old in friday's deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. officers shot ciancia four times to end the shooting rampage, but before the suspect was taken to the hospital an official says he told them he acted alone. >> he had the gun down like this. >> reporter: passenger scott green witnessed the shooting. he was among the more than 100 people who ran for their lives. >> it didn't make sense to me. i thought, you know, well, that guy had a gun and no one was there to stop him. >> reporter: court papers reveal ciancia left a letter saying he made a conscious decision to try to kill. investigators say he ta
international airport may be a thing of the past. the airport is using a protocol that will keep more flights coming in even when the skies are gray. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado c comments@captioncolorado.co m touchdown, chicago! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. >>> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, northern 5. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. a large shopping mall in new jersey will remain closed all day after a shooting sent shoppers scrambling for cover last night. no one was hurt when a gunman opened fire at garden state plaza mall in paramus. overnight, police found the suspect in the back area of the mall dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the shopping center is one of the largest in the greater new york city area about a dozen miles from manhattan. cbs news' jericka duncan joins us live from paramus. >> reporter: i just spoke to the county prosecutor and he says based on a note left behind by the gunman, he described him as despondent and depre
to be blocked we don't have an estimated time of opening. it could cause further delays. consider using the nimitz freeway, looks good from san leandro and a quick update on the bay bridge commute where they just switched on the metering lights. now the cash and fastrak lanes are stacking up quickly. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." for more on your forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right. if you are stepping outside right now, a lot of clouds moving overhead but that's actually making for mild conditions out the door right now. but what a change just from yesterday as high pressure is sliding eastward meaning cooler temperatures on the way. out the door we go, looking toward the bridge, low clouds over the bridge and some high clouds above, as well. with that in mind it looks like the temperatures staying mild early on this morning. 40s even some upper 50s into san francisco but by the afternoon, these temperatures slightly cooler than yesterday. still, low to mid-70s in much of the east bay a lot of 60s and 70s around the bay and 50s and 70s towards the coastline. >>> developing ne
reporter anne makovec joins us know from walnut creek where last month's accident happened. anne. >> reporter: it happened here on the tracks behind me. at this point, the memorial is gone. but this accident is not forgotten. it is going to be put under the microscope today by the assembly committee of labor and employment. we are going to hear from bart workers and bart management. two bart workers were hit and killed by a train on october 19. they were on the track under what's called simple approval. basically, the understanding that you're responsible for your own safety provided no protection from trains and given no advance warning of approaching trains. another worker died in 2008 while working with simple approval. bart was cited for that but continued to challenge that citation. now bart, has also looked into train warning technology in the past. so far they have passed on that. but they might be looking more seriously at implementing that in the near future. today's hearing starts at 10:00 in san francisco. live in walnut creek, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> today's hearing
christmas. i'm here with jay, with sacred heart community services. thanks for being with us. we keep hearing that the economy is improving but you expect the same amount of need this year. >> absolutely. once again, we expect to do around 4,000 families at thanksgiving meals for that many which is about what we did last year and what we see is there are people getting some work but rent prices have gone up. that's really affecting a lot of families. unfortunately, in this uncertain economy, some families just haven't found employment yet. >> reporter: we have recently heard about cuts to the food stamp program, as well. do you perceive that having any effect here? >> absolutely. one of our neighbors just about two houses away experienced that. we have known her for a very long time supporting a family on her own for a long period of time and then suddenly she gets this one blow after also losing her job earlier in the year. it's a tough time for families that are already living on the edge to suddenly pay more and then suddenly lose even more of their support. >> reporter: i know sa
car in america. now it's the subject of a u.s. safety investigation. this comes after two cars in washington state and tennessee caught fire after they ran over debris piercing the battery compartment igniting the flames. the national highway traffic safety administration says it wants to examine risks from the undercarriage getting hit. >> i do think it's does seem to be i think honestly just a bit too much attention paid to tesla good or bad. >> reporter: hours before the investigation announcement, ceo elon musk posted in a blog, the company sought out the probe to show how safe these cars are. musk also highlighted changes as a result of the fires. tesla's electric cars will have a higher ground clearance so they are less likely to hit debris and the car's warranty will coverage damage due to fire. since the incidents, the company's stock has taken a nosedive dropping 37% since its peak in september. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> a third model s fire happened in mexico last month when a car crashed after a high- speed chase. in all the fires so far, the drivers have escaped wit
of the digital age. the movie renting company is shutting down its 300 remaining u.s. stores early next year and its dvd by mail business next month. blockbuster's on demand streaming service will continue. if it looks too good to be true, it's probably a computer glitch. some high-end products at walmart's website were priced ridiculously low yesterday treadmills for $3 3. computer monitors for $9. walmart blames a technical error. the company is notifying customers their orders are being canceled and their money refunded although they will be getting a $10 gift card. that's your moneywatch. for more business news, follow me on twitter. at alexis cbs news. i'm alexis christoforous. >> pandora is staying in oakland. the internet radio giant will unveil a new sign on its downtown headquarters later today. pandora has been based in oakland from the start. the company says the sign is meant to show its commitment to the city of oakland. >>> san francisco's sheriff apologizes for a series of errors involving a missing hospital patient. kpix 5's andria borba reports. >> reporter: does this woman
on board. the u.s. military deployed marines from okinawa. >>> the death toll has surpassed 1700, some officials are saying it could be well over 10,000 people dead. cbs reporter, barnby lowe was in the town of hata has the tine hit. >> just as we finished this report, typhoon haiyan unleashed its full furry with up to 195 winds blowing the rooftops off. debris was flying in all directions. the ocean rose several feet in just a few minutes. huge waves crashed into our o hotel. everyone rushed to the second floor. >> we have been holed up in the hotel room 40 minutes now. we're here. hoping. >> reporter: the rains didn't stop for hours. then, our room caved in. we had to change rooms again. for three hours, we didn't know if we would survive. nothing prepared us for when the storm finally moved on, the devastation was complete. >> and here's the satellite view of the typhoon as it approached the philippines. a monster storm completely covering all the islands there. a storm that size hit the west coast, this would what you would get. incredible storm stretching from seattle all the way
of tacloban rode out the storm in a ceiling. this used to be the family's beach resort just a shell left now. storm surge crumpled the building's 6" concrete walls as waves hit the roof. when the water started rising, the mayor and his family climbed to the ceiling space. >> we have to go all the way in there where -- we climbed all the way up here, here, no, we had to move over there. >> reporter: up here? >> over there. almost to the ceiling here. >> amazing. people have started calling the mayor the ghost. they are so surprised he survived the storm. kpix 5 is partnering up with the red cross to raise money in the relief effort. we are going to have a phone bank tomorrow from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. details are at kpix.com/donate. >>> parts of the bay area shook a bit yesterday afternoon. a 2.9 earthquake struck near san ramon around 3:30. five minutes later there was a 2.1 quake near broadmoor and daly city quickly followed by a 2.8 in the same area. there have been at least three small quakes in san ramon in the past week. we asked the usgs, is this a swarm? the answer, not exactly. you would
. the victims are 72-year-old gary lee cooper from concord and 49 james mccrae from martinez. >>> the u.s. supreme court is going to referee another fight over the healthcare reform plan. this time, it's whether employees should have to pay for the cost of contraception. dozens of companies are suing the government. some of them say they shouldn't be forced to pay because of religious beliefs. >> this case isn't about saying that people shouldn't have access to these things. we don't want to pay for them. >> it's troubling to think that someone could pick and choose not based on science, not based on healthcare, not based on anything else, but pick and choose which services to provide to employees. >> if the high court agrees with the administration, businesses that refuse to pay for contraception could face fines. >>> time now is 4:40. a farmer catches an international oil giant breaking the law. this morning, he talks to kpix 5 about how he discovered the illegal operation. >> and it is a discovery that's putting a thanksgiving turkey in a brand-new light. what could be spreading a dang
. >> i think i counted nine cars on the way in. pretty slow. >> they are the only ones awake, and us. >> thank you. >>> it is 4:30. millions of people lining the streets of new york city right now getting ready for the big parade. the macy's thanksgiving day parade, a live look at the preparations for one of the nation's favorite traditions. ko im reports windy weather is threatening to keep the balloons on the ground. >> reporter: before dawn, people were making last-minute touches to floats for the 87th annual thanksgiving day parade in new york. >> this is my 25th year. i'm excited. >> reporter: crowds watched as the characters became larger than life as they blew up the balloons. >> the balloons are cool. >> reporter: but the weather could ground the famed attraction. they can't fly in wind of 23 miles per hour or if gusts top 34 miles per hour. it will be a last-minute decision. >> we have our own wind reporting stations all along the parade route. they are up an active. we're monitoring them so we are collecting a lot of data and we are going to be able to get the full picture.
a boy was set on fire on board a transit bus, he speaks with us. >> it is sasha fleischmann's second day home after being three weeks in the hospital. he misses school, friends and most of all a sense of normalcy. >> nice to be home in my own house. >> especially on thanksgiving. the recovery both mentally and physically will take time. three surgeries so far. the bandages on his legs make it hard to walk. >> i can't walk as fast and -- i need to be more careful. just -- physically. >> the teen suffered second and third degree burns after someone lit his skirt on fire aboard a bus. >> i looked down and my skirt is on fire and -- and i freaked out. >> tell us why you did it sir. >> 16-year-old richard thomas admits did he it. he is homophobic but his attorney says it was a prank. >> you should know better than to light someone's clothing on fire and i think you should be able to realize that that is not just a funny prank. >> sasha is not ready to forgive the 16-year-old but he should be in juvenile court. >> i don't want too harsh just because people do dumb things. >> whether or not it
is going to update us on that but first traffic with elizabeth. >> a traffic alert in san jose continues right now. in fact, our crews on scene are getting another update with chp right now. 6:30 that is when they expect to re-open the connector ramp. there was a fatal accident involving a pedestrian. in the meantime, both directions of the guadalupe parkway from northbound 280 remain shut down. so again, 6:30 but that's when the investigation is supposed to wrap up and re-open lanes. sometimes it takes longer. traffic is stacking up in the meantime. get on meridien and then the guadalupe parkway from there. be extra careful. the morning commute is foggy including stretches of the bay bridge. we'll have more "kcbs traffic" coming up. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. back to that super typhoon, again this is about as dangerous a storm as you can get. its stronger than hurricane katrina and already started doing major damage. >> reporter: the line is around the block in the south bay. dozens of people hoping to sign up for food and toys in time for the holiday. we'll tell y
his sunnyvale home. >> at a time when many of us believed there's an affordability crisis, san francisco said we don't need 134 high-rise luxury condos that will really change what our waterfront looks like. >> the 8 washington project is defeated. that means no condominium waterfront development. now it can open the door for leaders to reassess the golden state warriors waterfront arena proposal. >> classes are in jeopardy at san jose state university this morning. big budget problems means deep cuts for school programs. >> get in line! >> expect a crowd on the roads again this morning as lots of people head to the newly opened graton resort & casino in rohnert park. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado comments@captioncolorado.com >> we heard the whistle and threw it up there. >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. >>> good morning, it's wednesday, november 6. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. >>> and we begin with breaking news. kpix 5's anne ma
on fire. police took a 16-year-old suspect into custody at oakland high school yesterday. police used surveillance images from the bus, talked to witnesses to catch the suspect. our brian webb tried to get some answers from the teenager. >> reporter: can you tell us why you did it, sir, tells? tell us, why would you do something like that? >> the suspect didn't have anything to say. fleishman is listed right now in stable condition. >>> voters in san francisco have given a resounding thumbs down to a plan to build expensive waterfront condominiums. 62% of voters rejected proposition b also known as the 8 washington development in yesterday's off-year election. voters also rejected a related measure, proposition c, which would have allowed taller buildings at the location. the 8 washington project was approved by the board of supervisors last year. but critics forcedded issue to a vote. it's a huge defeat for ed lee and gavin newsom who campaigned for the development. the waterfront alliance, which opposed the project, is now turning its attention to a planned basketball arena. the gro
the ship to the people who need them. reporter paula hancock shows us relief trucks are getting through but not fast enough. >> driving down the road to tacloban city, it's welcome, those along the sides of the road are shouting at the truck and what's inside these is basically high energy biscuits so something crucial for the early days of a natural disaster . >> -- mobilizing to help. the national alliance for filipino concerns hosted a fundraiser in downtown san jose. they also held a vigil for the victims in front of the martin luther king, jr. library. >> i just wanted to show our people over there that we are here for them that we hurt just like them. >> kpix 5 is partnering with the red cross today to raise money for the victims. we'll have a phone bank this morning. it starts at 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. and to learn how you can help just go to our kpix.com/donate. >>> 4:32. a passenger went overboard on a cruise out of san francisco apparently on purpose. the coast guard searching the waters 750 miles northeast of hilo on the big island of hawaii. princess cruise says witnesses and secu
continue to spin up into the bay area now. most of that energy from the system going to be south of us though. so got some good news for the forecast. if you are headed out you're going to enjoy a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures chilly in the valleys. 39 in santa rosa to start, 51 in san francisco. this afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds, temperatures up in the mid-60s so slightly above the average. we have some much warmer weather on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. right now let's check your "kcbs traffic" with liza battalones. >> as you would expect on this thanksgiving holiday, light traffic no matter where you're headed, very light traffic for our local bridges. highway 92 has been moving at the speed limit all morning long. no delays leaving the peninsula. the bay bridge commute leaving oakland heading into the city it is wide open and you can be thankful on this thanksgiving that you can park for free in the city no meter enforcement for thanksgiving day. the 580/680 bound for the dublin interchange, very quiet. there are some folks out there you can see from the he
off those trains and to their final destinations. now b.a.r.t. tells us they aren't sure why this happens, but they did make a note to say this is not related to any wind damage. reporting live in oakland, cate caugurian kpix news 5. >>> a traffic alert, as cate mentioned no b.a.r.t. service until further notice. they stated earlier that the goal was to get b.a.r.t. service, b.a.r.t. trains up and running by 5 a.m. we still have not received an update, and there have been no new tweets from b.a.r.t. as soon as we hear anything we'll let you know. as of now you may want to find those backup plans, get them ready. ac transit, cal trains, ace, every other form of mass transit looks good. >>> the wind gusts were strong overnight, knocked a number of trees down. the harrison street off ramp remains shut down to westbound 580 after a downed tree blocked the off ramp. in vallejo crews were able to remove a tree that blocked the connector ramp from eastbound 80 to 780. the train is off to the right- hand side shoulder no longer blocking the connector. >>> the bay bridge wind advisory
the coastline. we thought it might bring us showers a couple of days ago. doesn't look like that's going to happen. chilly in spots in the valleys. temperatures dropping down into the 30s into santa rosa now. 47 though in san jose. and 51 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and some clouds and some mild temperatures. slightly above the average of about 66 in san jose. about 66 degrees in livermore. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with liza battalones. >> still no big accidents out there. traffic light for the entire bay area. and if you plan on catching a bart train anytime today just keep in mind that they are operating on a sunday schedule bart trains will only be running every 30 minutes. amended schedules also for golden gate ferries, caltrain, no service today from the altamont commuter express, no service thursday and friday. 880 commute everything is light leaving oakland bound for the hayward area no delays heading into fremont. and also silicon valley freeways are also moving at the speed limit. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to frank
brian webb tells us how students are now taking their own precautions. >> reporter: crime on berkeley's campus is up this year. way up. and students are talking. >> you automatics see like a new store -- always see like a new story every day. like somebody is getting robbed. >> i heard people have gotten mugged on campus more than usual and i hear there has been a few cases. >> reporter: the student newspaper shows technology is the target from iphones to laptops, and students walking by themselves are often the victims. >> i think for women and especially at nighttime crime is really bad. >> reporter: campus police are taking notice, starting new nighttime patrols in high-crime areas, and students admit they feel safer on campus than off. >> once you get a little bit farther out from campus it gets a little bit bad. >> reporter: and most students say they have learned the best way to stay safe is to be smart. >> students should try to either walk with somebody or if they feel unsafe call for a walk. i think the university has systems set up so that will be okay. >> they have made a r
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